Different colored indicator lights may appear on the Bora band. Here are their meanings:

  • Steady green: Bora band starts
  • Green flashing: Bora band goes out
  • Flashing orange: the battery is low, make sure to recharge the Bora band with the charger provided
  • Flashing white: the battery is charging. Flashing stops when the battery is fully charged
  • Flashing blue: Bora band is sending or receiving data, please do not turn it off while this color is displayed
  • Steady blue: Bora band is updating, please do not turn it off or press the button while this color is displayed
  • Red: Bora band is in default. Try turning it off and on again. If the red color is still displayed, contact BIOSENCY support at support@biosency.com or 0800 910 073

For more information, you can refer to the user’s manual provided with the storage kit of your Bora band, also available here: https: //doc.bora-connect.com/manual

In addition, here is a video tutorial allowing you to visualize the different colors that can appear on Bora band :

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