The steps to follow in order to install Bora care (with Bora box) on a patient are the following:

Before you visit the patient’s home:

  • Create the patient profile from your Bora connect account. Fill in the patient’s information (NAME, first name, date of birth, email, prescribing physician, etc.)
  • Start the remote patient monitoring session with the Bora band for the patient

Once in the patient’s home:

  • Connect the Bora box to the mains and turn it on (the box must always remain connected)
  • After one to two minutes, the Bora box displays the Bora connect for Home screen automatically. It also displays the Bora band to which it is paired
  • Make sure that the Bora band is switched on (briefly press the push button: the LED is fixed and green for 5 seconds)
  • The box then automatically connects to the Bora band, you have nothing to do

The remote monitoring can then begin!

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