The steps to follow in order to install Bora care (without Bora box) on a patient are the following:

Before you visit the patient’s home:

  • Create the patient profile from your Bora connect account. Fill in the patient’s information (NAME, first name, date of birth, email, prescribing physician, etc.). The patient will then receive an account activation email from Bora connect, inviting him to create his password. This step will allow you to continue the installation once in the patient’s home
  • Assign the Bora band to the patient
  • Start the patient’s telemonitoring session

Once in the patient’s home:

  • Install the Bora connect application on the patient’s smartphone (if not already done)
  • Activate his account (if not already done by the patient). To do this, ask the patient to go to his email box to retrieve the email sent by Bora connect when you created his profile, and then follow the steps to create a password and verify the associated mobile device
  • Launch the mobile application Bora connect, the patient can read the information about the treatment of his personal data and follow a tutorial on the operation of the application
  • Once these steps are completed, you must pair the Bora band to the Bora connect application. To do this, make sure that the Bora band is turned on (press the button: the LED is fixed and green for 5 seconds)
  • Then click on “connect my Bora band from the Bora connect application”.

Here you are!

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